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Above the Clouds


Do you know what this Word means? Years ago, a friend called me + told me to listen to WCSG radio, Focus on the Family. It was about how a husband went to the Nursing Home where his wife with Alzheimer's was, so he could feed her.  At around lunchtime, I was remembering a bad memory, that I had with my earthly dad & that it made me afraid of my Heavenly  Father.  I called a seminary friend & told him, &  we met for lunch & we talked & prayed for 3 hours, kind of like the prayer sequence I use now.  And Jesus replaced the lie associated with that memory, with the Truth. He asked what I heard, & I said I think it is about Intimacy with God, but I don't know what that means, but the fear had been replaced with a beautiful loving image of working alongside my heavenly Father, who looked like my earthly dad, grooming the land to make it more comfortable for families, like my earthly dad had done by our home in NJ, called the "Back Beach."  Then in the evening, I went to the Women's Ministry at Res Life in Grandville, where Pastors Jeannie, & Karen were hosting for Pastor Denise to speak.  Yes. 3x is a charm.  And yes, Pastor Denise talked about "Intimacy with the Lord."  I don't remember when that was, but this year, I understand.  And each pastor, yes women, represented Jesus, Our Father, & the Holy Spirit, with profound Perfect Love given to me, in this very moment of time. It is because of this Intimacy with the Lord of Eternity, that has shaken my world up with such love, peace & joy, that this is the time, End Times, for the Church to get ready for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.  It is End Times of Suffering, of Pain, of not knowing the magnificence of who the  Lord God truly is, where Intimacy with the Lord God is all fulfilment that one person ever needs, because though the Holy Spirit resides in me, I didn't believe that He truly Loved me in my heart.  Until now.  Until the Lord flipped that Light Switch on, & going from darkness to light. So return to your heavenly 1st Love, soak in that Intimacy that He desires to talk with you, to meet your needs, to have your soul as one with His.  And your heart will overflow with such Perfect Love that drives out fear, to be replaced with peace & joy & all the other Spiritual Fruit of the Spirit, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness & self control.  Born Again to see the Kingdom of God.  To mature & be perfect as He is Perfect.  To "get to" be in agreement for the Holy Spirit to show you how to use use His Spiritual Gifts to bless others.  So Pray Obey Trust. POT. This is the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, entering into for me, what I call the 2nd Heaven.  Then to come back  to have compassion on those that are lost, lonely, afraid & Broken hearted.  Do you hear the Lord calling? It's a whisper so you have to be still & know He is Lord.   Ask, Receive, Believe.  Believe that He loves you perfectly, because He died for you.  You'll get it, because we are drawn to the light.      In His Love,  peaches 
Friends in Nature


Do you like to hear the word serve?  Or does volunteer sound better? Notice how we connect ideas around words? I call them subliminal triggers.  So here is my trigger with that word, from what I have learned.  It is an honor to serve. I "get to" serve.  To me, it is purely selfish, because I am so joyful to "get to" love on others.  I get to share my cup that is overflowing. We all need kindness. We all need to have respect. I think I have just learned that when I love the Lord 1st, in obedience, that though it may be a little bit of a sacrifice at first, I see Him smiling and nodding & that means the world to me.  Then others see Jesus in me, but I get the benefits.  So wash someone's feet with kindness, in obedience of giving love back to Papa God. Pretty soon, you'll see Him smiling and nodding, for your choice to love Him back, like He loves you. Didactic Love with the Lord of Eternity. And we "get to" be like Jesus who is fulfilment of the Law.  we get to get to help Papa's family get out of the Hell of not knowing Him.  Just wait. You'll see. Shalom.

Glass of Milk

Give Back

You know that giving back is a principle that makes you come alive. Why? Because we were made to be generous. We were made to be connected to the Body of Christ, to the Family of God.  And we have received everything by Grace, not for ourselves, but for others, which is true mature Agape Love that the Lord wants us to have the exhilaration of giving back. The Bible says about the 10%.  But I have experienced why Jesus told the wealthy man to sell everything and follow Him.  You know why? I think it is so I  can be protected from any one manipulating me that I am willing to give up everything, though not my 1st choice, to help one in need.  But don't worry. I think the Lord just wants us to be willing to give up everything, like now. If the Lord doesn't change my finances in a miracle, I may be able to "get to" minister to the homeless.  That's the Grace that I think the Lord is please with , that I am free from the bondage of Mammon Slavery, for anyone to distract me from giving to the homeless.  Not that I am perfect, I still like what I like, and I still try to give what I hear when I ask.  Like Sunday, hearing about the Heart for the Kingdom Offering.  I had been asking about when to give it, and heard today! You know why? Pastor's sermon at 5 pm, service was on what? Yes, exactly. On the loving giving of some of the lovers of the Lord.  Get love, give love.  My gift, my hope is that others will catch on Holy Spirit fire Passionate Love of the Lord.  I can't do much by myself, because I can't do much without income & so much debt.  But the Lord reminded me of a desire that I had to be like the widow who gave her last mite.  Yessum. The Lord was giving me the heart that I asked for, a Heart for the Kingdom.  How many more people can we help when the Mortgage is paid off of the Church? How many people need to feel loved by our generosity so that they see Jesus?  Notice the candle under the Blood Red Word of God in this picture?  Yessum. Go light your world! See you in Church!   

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