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Soul Harmony With God's Soul = Love, Peace,& Joy!

Hi Family! I wanted to give you good, no, Great News! I have thought that I was the saddest person in the whole world, and now just this year, I am the happiest person!

So this understanding is from the Holy Spirit to the Church, & I get to try and win you over, win your mind, will & emotions, which is your soul.

My understanding is that the Holy Spirit taught me through the prayers of my pastors and leadership at my church, especially my choir pastor who passed to the 1st Heaven, & his family needs prayers, because he was so deeply loved. I know what it is like to lose someone you love where you don't get to hug them.

One young woman so sad with his death, asked if our church had so much faith in healing, why didn't he get healed? And he said to her in her dream, that there were more important things than healing. And I am sure I know what it is. Because on the last day he was in choir, he stood next to me as I worshipped with the choir.

After he passed, I asked the Lord what he was praying for me to know, was the answer to my prayer request that I could help marriages and prevent divorce. The next day, I heard the Lord say that to be happy in any relationship, I had to be in an intimate relationship with Him so that I was so secure, feeling so loved in my heart, that my soul had to harmonize with the Lord's Soul. Pastor was the real deal, & so too are the other pastors & leadership that also had an intimate relationship with the Lord.

You see, he was like the Holy Spirit that helped me, concerned about me being in pain, most of my life. And now, I discovered what is in Ephesians 3, where everything I have learned, is written in the Bible. In my seeking answers to what was causing the pain in my life, not knowing where it was coming from, helpless to do anything to relieve the pain, in a flash of a moment, I can say, "Jesus has stolen my pain, healed my brain, covered my shame, for His Glory Reign, forever our Gain."

The amazing part is that I have experienced so much abuse throughout my life, home, school & work. This goes for others falsely accusing me & seemingly not having justice, no one appearing to care about my pain, until I obediently stepped down from choir. When thinking I was going to go back to choir, pastor asked me why I stepped down, & I said God asked me to. And he said, "Why?" I said I didn't know. He said he wanted me to find out. So with prayer meeting with pastor & leadership, I heard that I was medicating & that God wanted me to trust Him. And so it has been an amazing journey where I am so joyful, and it's because pastor taught me to ask the Lord questions. Always, with every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. To the obedience of love. And Jesus learned obedience through suffering. And God has caused all things to work together for the good of those who love the Lord & are called according to His purposes.

So I pray that this will help inspire you to start your healing for Jesus who wants to steal your pain, so that you can have the abundant life to adopt you into the Original Family of God, here in Church, on Earth. And I have learned that I have associations with every word that may be good or bad triggers in my memory. And the Holy Spirit will bring to mind all that Jesus has taught me.

Everything that comes in my senses builds neural pathways. The Good, the bad & the ugly. And so I read the Bible it is to renew my brain with Truth, Love, Light, Life, of the Lord.

So the secret to a loving marriage, can be understood by the Holy Spirit, with each person needing an intimate relationship learned in a relationship with God 1st, & for me to put the other person He has put me near, 2nd, & me 3rd. So a true God Covenant marriage would be where both put God 1st, then each spouse would put the other spouse 2nd.

So Trying to summarize some other helps to feeling close to the Lord:

  1. An Intimate Relationship with the Lord God, & Only God is Good.

  2. Perfect Love drives out all fear, & gives me freedom to choose.

  3. The Power of Prayer on Healing, with the science of the Quantum Physics Light of God's love has melted the mangled neural pathways of fear and anger, that cause confusion,& brain pain.

  4. Creation is Limited Intelligence & Ignorance is that I don't know what I don't know until I know it. Like my happiness, joy, love & peace feel so amazing, it feels like I am resurrected!

  5. Grace: To me, is the Choice of the Sovereign Lord God.So the other side of Grace is the blessings that come from the suffering that I have experienced, like in praying always.

  6. Learning: All that comes into my senses, builds neural pathways, with connective tissue, near paths in the brain, and associations with memories, good or bad, depending on the response of another & how we perceive, these memories. I learn what I learn, where I was placed, moved, who I was born with, my biology, the influences of nurture of people, the culture, education, timing, etc. Everyone makes mistakes. All have good triggers (memories) & bad triggers (memories.)

  7. Only God is good. Compared to God, I am evil, but He still loves me. The devil tells lies, is angry that causes painful limbic resonance with his presence. The devil comes to kill, steal & destroy. I imagine that he tempts & deceives because he is in pain, not feeling loved by God, but he is loved by God, so I can too, & discipline the devil in my obedience to the Lord. I have understanding because all these years I did not feel loved by God in my heart, until the LORD flipped the light switch on, all in God's timing. Only the Lord can let us feel loved, and only He can have compassion on someone if I am in agreement with Him. That is why soul harmony with the Lord brings Him so much joy because it does my heart, spirit & soul good! All that happens to you if for your benefit loving God.

  8. Jesus is Resurrected in my Heart that was a tombstone, and now is a heart of flesh. I am so alive, I know what it feels like to be resurrected in the spirit. He has pushed the stone away & set me free! And He wants to do it for you!

  9. God wants to let us experience His Fruit of His Spirit: He gave me desires to know Him, & to know Him is to love Him. The closer I get, the more I seek the more I ask, the more I hear Him, the more I know Him, the more I love Him. He has saved me from the hell of not truly believing that He loved me, hearing lie thoughts in my brain from the powers of darkness, the enemy. And he saved me from the painful limbic resonance of fear, & has raised it up in a resonance of Love & Gratitude.

  10. The Lord God has a plan for each of us,and has His Spiritual Gifts for us to use to help others in the Church. We get to see the glory of God, grace by grace. We have been given a plan for our lives, with 1.4 billion pieces of DNA in just our brain. Returning to my 1st love, Papa God, to be rewarded by His Presence. And the Holy Spirit is in us, on us & next to us to reveal the mystery of His Love for us, revealed in His Word, in the Bible.

  11. Study your Bible to seek Him, to seek the Kingdom of Love, on Earth as it is in heaven. Hope this helps! I love writing the understanding of prayer, it keeps me feeling close to God, despite the havoc going on around me, despite not having the things that I thought would make me happy. Enjoy!

  12. Come to Church, in person is best to get the full effects of what the Lord wants you to experience, in Corporate Worship, that also heals your brain. And the mature Limbic Resonance of the Pastors & leadership nurture our less mature , some hurting brains & bodies. Because the devil is there angry so we need fellowship with the believers, and greater is He than he who is in the World. So come, enjoy the Love! Experience coming back to your 1st Love.

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