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The Body of Christ

 For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.  Romans 12:4-5 

Lets talk about some benefits of Church
for Kiddos. 

Now remember that everything that comes into our senses, is recorded. What better way to get clear thinking that to learn from the Church who loves the Lord?  The more we learn about  the Lord, the easier life gets.  Pain disappears.  Families heal. Broken hearts heal.  Come on. It doesn't get better than this!

Benefits of Church for Teens

Well, should I need to say more?  Parents need all the help they can get! But really. We especially need to build those neural pathways & teach how we need to respect Papa God and teach how He loves us.  We each need to respect Papa God 1st, return to our 1st Love, who asks us to put His desire to sacrifice my desire to put the need of my love target.  That's grown up kind of Love. Mature, Agape, sacrificial Love, like Jesus.  Not just a one night stand without anyone's need for real love, not hormones.  No selfish, cause that's like the dark side that makes us all hurt with dark hertz. It's temptation that makes us confused, listening to the enemy. Instead, we are His Beloved & learn to love God 1st, for accountability.  For building character, self control, self respect, in becoming an adult.  If you disobey God & are not accountable to Him, then you stay a child of the father of lies, a child of disobedience.  We grow up learning how to love & respect God.  And it is so awesome, there is nothing like it. You protect yourself & your family.  No pain or shame, pure perfect Love.  Believe me, it's ike being in Heaven on earth when we hear Papa God's voice saying, well done my son & daughter.  Then waiting until you're married to be sexually intimate, allows the Lord to really bless the married couple like no one else.  Papa God will not enable disobedience with the ecstatic depth of His Love when He is not respected.  It's for our own good, because a father disciplines those He loves.  Not enable. Discipline, needing to call on the Holy Spirit to help control our hormones. so later, the Lord turns it into passions.  The Lord can fire up libido, or tone it down. Before marriage it's up for giving obedience more value.  After marriage, I am sure it is HOT when each spouse serves the other like Jesus.  And then look out, the couple becomes the dynamic duo.  An allegory example of God with Him in the middle, the way He originally planned. Pray without ceasing.  And if you blew it, don't worry. Come humbly before the throne of Grace & the Lord will restore what the locusts have eaten. All Perfect Love. All Grace. All Mercy.  All Compassion. That's our Papa God who loves you deeply. Shalom!

Happy Family

Family Church Benefits

A family that prays together stays together. How do I know? because we didn't do that much married, and now are divorced.  The good news is that I am so close to the Lord growing closer due to the pain of divorce, due to my adult children & grandchildren suffering, from the pain of divorce. So please don't be selfish & lets talk.  The Lord wants reconciliation.  I believe I learned how many may suffer like when the Father & Jesus separated from the Family, to prevent our separation from our Spiritual Family, which is the answer to the Theodicy question. And I went to seminary & stumbled immorally, & pained that I was being disobedient.  But it seemed like no one else cared about being obedient.   So why is church good? Because of the spiritual maturity of my pastors& leadership that were able to shepherd me, this black sheep closer to the Lord. The benefits of obedience that inititally smarts, like stepping down from choir, which I didn't know I was medicating.  And hearing the Lord, direct me, I had multiple opportunities to be obedient with pastor keeping me out, telling me that I was going to learn how to fly, and this was my destiny. And so this knowledge of the Lord, is already helping others. It is I believe the Lord getting ready to flip the Church, to clean house, to open the doors to the lost, lonely & broken hearted, and yes, all who are oppressed by the devil.  The Prince of the Air that bombards the air waves with controlling damaging with any spirit that is bad. Now don't be afraid. Just ask the Lord for protection. And come to church. Why? Because we need the pastors and leadership that know the Lord so closely, so intimately, that I think just by their presence of Jesus in them, is scary to the principalities of darkness.  And where else are you going to go to have a family want you to feel loved & respected? Where else will a Mega Church teach accountability to our Papa God 1st who says serve those who don't know Him? What other Faith besides Christian would die rather than give up their faith?  Who gives people that type of strength to lose loved ones martyred right before their eyes? And where else would you find someone bullied & abused all her life, and now be filled with such joy? Why does God allow evil? Because of His Perfect Love, He gives freedom.  And so the Covenant Plan was to Save us from a life of separation from the Father, which some people don't even care about God. But we need to be loved perfectly, & only the Lord can do that & love me, unconditionally.   The difference is that I, who was forgiven much, loves much. I understand now the difference between loving the child of God, who is created in the Imago Dei, but because of the enemy, because of faulty learning, I can love the person but hate the behaviors. And I believe that when the Lord tells an ex spouse who marries, how much He loves them both, like I love them, forgive them, but hate the behavior,  I know that they will be in awe at the Mercy and Compassion of the Lord.  Perhap someone else,  "gets to" model a little love despite the pain the family has felt, unbeknown to them.  And this is the magical formula for my joy & peace. It is that I just simply have to talk to Papa God & ask Him to help me deal with the pain from others, & it seems lesser, now that I am praying for my enemies better.  I am sad for those who don't know the Lord, are lost, but don't know it.  Because you don't know there's a heaven that awaits you, perhaps, unless you lose it all.  Unless you become invisible, like Jesus, and I get to learn obedience through suffering. Those lost in the World don't even know they are lost, and don't know they don't know the Lord. So I pray. Because this is end times. The end of pain and not understanding. The end of not believing that He loves each of us.  Do you hear Jesus knocking on the door to your heart, wanting to come out of the tomb?  He is risen, and has resurrected me.  You too? Just ask. Shalom & Joy to you. Peaches

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