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Welcome family. Yes, maybe global family maybe church family. This is about healing with my perspective of the Bible, & will offer you a prayer sequence  where I ask Jesus to tell me the feeling, tell me the memory, tell me the lie, then tell me the Truth & feel peace & joy & safety & security.  It's good if you can ask someone you trust, to be with you, but if you want to try it alone, Trust &  know " Greater is He that is in you than He who is in the World."  The Lord God loves you, & the lies tell us He doesn't. Peace!   (1John 4:4)

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This is a Gift: I have struggled my whole life feeling afraid, sad, in pain, until now. So here is a quickie cogntive prayer sequence that the Holy Spirit in me (& you I believe, if you ask) has helped me to have Perfect Love, Peace, Joy, Security, & Gratitude despite my hard life circumstances. This is after overt & covert abuse, & me saying & doing some evil things. But because of God's Great Love for each of us who He chose you before the foundation of the world, & presented you to the 1st Family, the Trinity of God, said, Let us make baby mankind (you)  in our Image. I believe baby mankind was given freedom to think our own thoughts that miss the mark, because we are not God. Only God has Pure Thoughts, Omniscient, Omnipotent,& Omnipresent & we were put on this earth with God wanting us to be obedient to His Word, in the Bible, for our benefit.  But my thoughts miss the mark, so I can ask God what His Thoughts are, where His Perfect Love Thoughts wash all my fear & shame away.  And so this is my Father's Business.  So try this sequence, don't be afraid, don't hurt yourself. Lets talk it out with loving pastors like at my church who know God intimately. We all make mistakes, but ask Jesus if it hurts. He wants you to feel loved & whole & pain free, when you think about Him & all that He has in store for you.   Peace.

Cognitive Prayer Sequence

1.  Ask Jesus what the feeling is (negative one)

2.  Ask Him what memory you first had that feeling.

3.  Ask Him what the lie is. This is pretty scary, so it is good to have someone you trust right there with you. It's good that it's coming to the front of your memory so Jesus can confront the lie & Jesus is right there with you.   Grieve the loss.

4.. Ask Jesus to tell you the Truth to replace the Lie.  

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