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Reading your bible is where you "get to" hear what the Lord God wants you to hear when you ask Him.. So it is good to let your mind build new pathways for the Holy Spirit to connect the dots later.  (John 14:26)

Image by Vishal Banik

              BAPTISM                 LIVING WATERS

Buried in the Death of His Likeness, Resurrected in the Knowledge of His LOVE. I AM CRUICIFIED IN CHRIST, it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.

Cheering Crowd at Concert


The science behind worship is amazing for the Lord lets me get to sing with corporate worship where my soul gets to harmonize with the Soul of my Lord, healing the mangled neural pathways in my brain with my pastors & leadership leading me with Perfect Love Limbic Resonance Intimacy with the Lord. 

Meditation by the Sea


So this is what I learned from following the real deal.  and do you know what? I discovered that pastor was so in tune with the Lord, that he knew how to challenge me, because he heard the Lord too. And in trusting him, in not being afraid of him, I have been able to talk more intimately with the Lord.  And it's heaven here on earth.  I am not sure of anything 100%, except that I am feeling loved by the Lord, & I didnm't even know I didn't feel loved before.  I have returned to my 1st Love, of the Lord who created me, chose me, loved me to die for me, to keep me in the Family of God.  And His Presence is so incredible, so wondrous, that all the bad stuff seems tto disappear. Not that I am perfect, yet, but that He loves me & I will follow Him now to whereever He goes.  I learn by hearing, faith comes by hearing, & hearing of the Word of God.  I hope you will give it a shot, to ask & receive, seek & you shall find, knock & the door will be opened for you.  I will put some things below that also helped me to stay close to the Lord. See you in Church, I hope!

Volunteer Team


Volunteering is like the model of Jesus humbling Himself to wash your stinky feet.  Where we "get to" wash the feet of Jesus in the other person who is also Jesus in disguise like we are.  When I humble myself  like Jesus does to me,  I look more like His Twin & others feel Loved by Him.  

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten


Teaching is a privilege to Win Souls & Make Disciples. We teach how Jesus Loves us and Papa God is so pleased with us building the Kingdom, Loving on Our Family of God. Kudos Church Family! 

Donation Boxes


Donating is also a privilege to give of yourself, your time, your money, for the love of the Lord, in obedience, to offer what you desire, to trust & give what another Jesus needs. For there by the Grace of God go I.  I "get to" love the way Jesus loves me 

1st  LOVE

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